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Bottomless Duchess of Cambridge Photos, Cat-Walking For Prince William in Se Og Hor Magazine

Princess Kate bottomless photos have been published by Se Og Hor, Danish magazine. This would be much of a shocker to Princess Kate, Prince William and Royal Family, after a successful injunction against Closer from releasing more Princess Kate Nude Photos.

Kate Middleton bottomless Photos in Se Og Hor Magazine, Dannish Tabloid

Danish magazine Se Og Hor published Princess Kate Topless Photos including candid bottomless pictures. The Princess is shown changing her bikini and relaxing topless with Prince William. She appears to be enjoying a massage in one of the photos administered by her husband, Prince William.

In some pictures, she seemed to be cat-walking for Prince William, looking relaxed and beautiful. She was oblivious of the prying eyes of the cameraman who is thought to have taken over 200 nude Princess Kate photos.

Kim Henningsen, Se Og Hor Editor-in-chief has defended the decision to publish revealing photos of Princess Kate. He told CNN that, “We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them.”

Princess Kate Nude Photos in Se Og Hor Magazine

Henningsen does not rule out the possibility of legal action against Se Og Hor, “If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we’ll deal with it,” he said. But St. James palace have refused to confirm whether they would take legal action or not. “As we’ve said, we will not be commenting on potential legal action concerning the alleged intended publication of the photos save to say that all proportionate responses will be kept under review.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge naked photos in Se Og Hor are more revealing but won’t deter Princess Kate from being the next queen of Britain. A source informed People’s magazine that Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family “are most definitely supporting [Will and Kate] in everything that they are doing.”

This photo shows Princess Kate stretching, relaxing and appear to be cat-walking for Prince William:

Princess Kate Bottomless Photos in Se Og Hor magazine

This photo shows Princess Kate in blue bikini having good time with her husband:

Kate Middleton Photos in Se Og Hor Magazine

Princess Kate boobs revealed when she was changing from sky blue to black and white bikini:

Princess Kate and Prince William Photos

These photos released by Se Og Hor might mark the end of scandalous Princess Kate nude photos taken in private estate in Provence, South of France.

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Kate Middleton Cute Topless Photos 

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Kanye West Hot Sex Action, Non-Stop Sex in Hanky-Panky Bedroom Sex Tape

Kanye West sex tapes are in the public domain. Those who doubt Kanye West sex tape could not be brought to public were wrong. The guy is a sex maestro, he doesn’t joke when giving conjugal rights. A 20 minutes sex tape (confirmed to have been stolen by Kanye West’s lawyers) of no-stop sex is an eye-brows raiser. Another sex tape is also claimed to be in possession of anonymous person is a 40 minutes sex video of Kanye West with a Kim Kardashian look-alike.

Photo of Kanye West with Kim Kardashian Photo: Best Image

Many would have preferred a Kanye West with Kim Kardashian sex tape. These nevertheless have sent blood rushing down the spine of Kanye West’s sex video fans. The sex action by Kanye West is speculated to have circulated on the internet a week ago. That is according to Radar Online. It is further claimed the video of Kanye West is being auctioned to adult websites who might be interested.

Publishing of this sex video would not go without legal action. The lawyers of Kanye West are now in pursuit of the sex tape. Anyone who would publicly reveal the video would have violated Kanye West right to privacy. Kanye West’s “rights to privacy and publicity” would have been breached if the sex tape goes online, claimed Kanye’s Lawyers. The sex video was stolen from his personal computer.

The lawyers have issued a letter barring one of the entertainment websites from uploading the video for public view. According to Lisa M Buckley who wrote to AllHipHop, “the identity of the person or persons who have approached you to sell, post, advertise, market, publicise, display or otherwise disseminate” should be given up in writing. Some pornographic companies are thought to be offering money to the extent of $1 million to anyone who is in possession of the sex tape.

Photo of Kanye West with Kid Kardashian

Warnings usually do not deter adult websites from disseminating the sex tapes of celebrities. The Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Pam Anderson sex tapes hit the internet many years ago, saw these celebrities give up the chase to prevent sex entertainment companies from publishing the videos online. Other celebrities resorted to cashing in from the sex tapes instead of fighting it legally that ultimately might end up losing the case.

Kim Kardashian sex tape she made with Ray J. has been on the internet since 2007. She was awarded $5 million by Vivid Entertainment to drop the law suit. That was long before Kanye West met her, years before Kris Humphries fell in love with the socialite but she is still one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.

Though nobody knows exactly who stole the sex tape, there are possibilities. The tape might have been released by Kanye West himself or somebody close to him who knows his computer password like his girlfriend or close friend.

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Kanye West Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian look-a-like Stolen According To Lawyers

kanye west sex tapeKim Kardashian was well remembered on her sex tape with Rapper Jay R that surfaced in the internet in 2007. Now his new partner, Kanye West might have followed suit since rumors of a Kanye Sex Tape has been circulating by Radar Online.

Kanye West Lawyers are gathering evidence so that they can file a case of those persons close to him trying to sell the videos online. This two videos captures West and her Kim Kardashian look alike in a steamy action.

Kanye West Lawyers have issued statements that the sex video and images were illegally obtained and believed to have been stolen from Mr. West’s computer. Posting, advertising, marketing, displaying and otherwise disseminating the stolen screen shot and or other materials or tape are actionable violations of Mr. West’s rights of privacy and publicity.” It was a wise move for Kanye West and his lawyers.

He must have learned something from Princess Kate Nude Photos that circulated recently.

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Marking 179th German Oktoberfest: Beer Festival Jubilation

Oktoberfest kicked off yesterday in Germany. It is one of the world’s festivals. The beer festival 2012 was marked with jubilation by Germans and 6 million guests who traveled to Germany. It is a start to 16 days of beer festival.

The 179th Oktoberfest event was opened by mayor Christian Ude. Using a hammer, he blew two times uttering the words, “O’zapft is” – “It’s Tapped.” He then placed the tap into the keg, amid cheers from the crowd who were eagerly waiting for their first round of beer.

Photos of German Oktoberfest

Few Germans would be sober in the 16 days festival. With a staggering estimate of 8 million mugs of beer (1 litre each), this year, that amount could be exceeded. The mug, referred to as “Mass” in German is going for 9.50 Euros.

The Oktoberfest has a very long history. It started many years ago, over 200 years. It began with celebrations of royal nuptials by a Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig who arranged public party. The event was a major hit that it soon transformed into a annual event up to now. This is a beer festival, so there are tons and tons of mugs of beer, men wear Lederhosen leather shoes (traditional Bavarian wear) while women clad in bright costomes. A festival can never be complete without music, they play oompah music to rock and pamper nights and days away.

photos of beer festival


If last year could be a good basis, then it is expected that many chickens would be facing butchers’ blades. They ate over 500,000 chickens, unknown number of doughy pretzels and 120 oxen. The event is gaining popularity and more people would be interested with the annual Oktoberfest.

The space for beer tents is vast and can accommodate millions of guests. The land spread over 30 hectares making “Weisn” (German word for Oktoberfest) free for anybody willing to attend with competing for limited space.

Security is paramount and German security officials keep extra vigilance though there is no known threats received. The mayor Christian Ude confirmed that security had been tightened, saying, “I want it to be a peaceful Wiesn, and that the weather improves.” The beer tents were almost full and rain did not dampen the spirit of the 179th beer festival.

Oktoberfest in Germany is one of beer parties you would once in a lifetime wish to attend. The German partying spirit and beer festival is still going strong.

A British Photographer Took Kate Middleton Topless Photos

The racy Kate Middleton topless photos were taken by a British photographer. That has been confirmed by Pascal Rostain, French paparazzi photographer. This puts to rest the speculations about who might have taken the Kate Middleton photos.

Kate Middleton Photo

It was tactful of Closer to have chosen a British to undertake this job. It was Closer’s best option to have Kate Middleton without bra photos taken by a Briton who had to be living in France. The photographer who undertook the exercise happens to be living in the south of France. Rostain said, “The irony of this whole thing is that the photographer who took these pictures is an Englishman living in the south of France.”

The efforts to follow and trace the whereabouts of Kate Middleton and Prince William were necessitated and enabled by Closer. He said, “These photos were taken on the orders of Closer, who asked him to sit around for several days to take them.”

But unfortunately for the snapper, he didn’t earn a lot. The photos are popular and circulating over the internet like wild-fire but the British photographer was paid normal salary. “He could have sold them for 10,000 euros. But in fact he was just paid his wages for going to take them. He didn’t put them on the open market either, where he could have earned a lot more,” Rostain said.

For that reason, Rostain feels that legal action ought not to be taken against the photographer. He was carrying out his normal work as instructed by Closer. Therefore, Closer solely shoulders the burden of legal repercussions. He added that the work of the photographer is to take pictures, while the editor chooses to print or discard them.

Kate Middleton and Prince William succeeded in persuading the court to issue an injunction against Closer from further publishing or distributing nude photos of Kate Middleton. But the Closer’s editor Laurence Pieau has consistently denied any wrong doing. He argued that, “These photos are not in the least shocking. They show a young woman sunbathing topless, like millions of women you see on beaches.”

If you are walking down the beach, meet Kate Middleton topless, are you going to quickly shut your eyes just because she is a princess to avoid legal action taken against you? That seems to be his basis. It is a normal occurrence to have fun on the beach without a bra, photos taken and still no big deal. To make it even more ‘normal’, the photos were taken by a British photographer whom she will be his queen.

The British snapper would long be remembered for taking such photos and I hope he will come to the public to straighten things up. Just the way he brought the naked Kate Middleton Photos.

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16,000 Jobs Lost in The Bank of America and 14,000 More Employees To Be Laid off

16,000 jobs are to be lost in the Bank of America. The bank is cutting jobs as it seeks to reduce expenses. This action has been called for because of dwindling bank’s revenues. The bank wants to save a staggering $5 billion it spends on payroll. This would mean that the bank is stripping the names of 30,000 employees off the payroll by the end of 2014.

CEO Bank of America Brian T. Moynihan

The laying off of 30,000 workers is being done in two phases. The first phase is being carried out this year, and 16,000 of the current Bank of America are losing jobs. The ultimate number of employees would come down to 260,000 making it lose the number one spot as the top bank employer. Bank of America would come after JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo as banks’ highest ranked employer.

An expected shrinking in the market prices happened in the pre-market trading. The Bank of America market share declined by 1.4% to end up at $9.16. This is an accurate speculation when the bank is planning to reduce wealth management, commercial lending and investment banking by a whooping $3 billion per annum.

How and why to cut jobs?

The loss of 30,000 jobs that is projected to be finalized by 2014, would reduce information technology and consumer banking branches of the Bank of America businesses. The banking company would be leaner and easier cost reduction strategies fully implemented. This is to save on the stocks that have been dropping since late 2008, since the untimely acquisition of Countrywide Financial.

Bank of America layoff 16,000 employees Photo:

The bank’s way of slashing the jobs is not known for now but 5,300 people to go home would come from consumer banking while 3,200 would come from department of mortgage. That’s according to a report in The Journal. The mortgage business never recovered after the acquisition and had pressed down on the annual incomes of the Bank of America.

The 16,000 people to be sent packing and rendered jobless would most probably be the under-performing employees. They would be targeted from departments mostly facing cost reduction and leaner organizational structure. This implies that they would most likely be thrown out in mortgage and consumer banking departments. The aging workforce of the Bank of America might be endangered to come under the blade of job cutting measures. It would see it more worthwhile to render unemployed worker who already or expected to be having considerable amount of savings than youths who have just been employed a couple of years ago.

Is the 16,000 layoffs and further 14,000 to come an aftermath of financial crisis or is the financial crisis not yet over?

Youth unemployment would definitely be on the rise in the whole of the United States. The country is already suffering from lack of adequate job creation and the situation is now worsening. The phenomena that is likely to shape political campaigns and boil political temperatures. 16,000 people to join the searching job seekers and more 14,000 to be laid off.

Review: Free iOS 6 Download For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iOS 6 download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad makes life better. Apple’s iOS 6 release into the market is a big mark of its dominance in mobile technology. This system can easily be upgraded. The iOS 6 release has come to the great pleasure of the majority who would be happy to have iOS 6 download for free. Absolutely no charges.

iOS 6 Features. IOS 6 has Come out.


Maps in iOS 6 are breathtaking. They are well designed bringing out the most near perfect images. Maps and graphs speak more than a thousand words. The basics of maps in the new iOS 6 were derived from vectors. The element that makes texts and graphics to be very much detailed. Zooming maps usually become obscurer as the magnification increases. That was just but a challenge that the new iOS 6 was developed to solve.

The names of places are well indicated and illustrated in the maps. It also gives up to date traffic news making it useful to maneuver places while at the same time avoiding traffic jams. Now that iOS 6 is available for download, we might see efficient use of roads minimizing traffic.


iOS 6 has made uploading of pictures to social media to be easy. In the gallery, photos are named, grouped into albums, location taken specified using maps and posted directly to Facebook. Fans of games can keep fellow friends informed on the level of score sheet. This can be done manually or activating Siri, a feature that automatically posts games’ scores on Facebook.

It also allows posting of updates and events offline. Reminders are contained and well coordinated in this feature, allowing people not to forget birthdays of their pals and upcoming events. Contacts of your Facebook friends would be integrated into your phone. This allows updates of their details. Whenever a friend alters information in contacts, then this system updates that information in your phone.


This is a feature that smooth the basic barrier of language. Live scores of many leagues across the world can easily be known. It’s sophistication climax at its ability to specify the best hotels in town. It further allows making of reservations possible! Touching of phone is not a must. It requires personal energy to speak. Say what the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad should do, and it would do just that. That’s on its applications.

iOS 6 features. FaceTime Feature – Look at your caller. photo:

Photo Streaming

Streaming Photos to your own chosen friends is much easier with iOS 6. Select the favorite pictures to

be shared, choose the people to receive the photos and just click on the share button. All will be done.

Those friends who have in their iOS 6 device iCloud application would receive the photos in iPhoto.

Friends who were shared with the photos can see the shared photos in Apple Tv’s photo stream. They

can even comment of the photos, like them and go ahead to further share.


This application works on both Wi-Fi and mobile cellular networks. FaceTime calls can be received on the iPad. This implies also that you can use FaceTime on any Apple device. Enjoy the voice on the line as you look at the face of the person calling.

Phone call

iOS 6 features give an option of declining or accepting phone call. There is an option of DO NOT DISTURB that can be activated, sending voice messages of callers to voicemail. But it also considers people who can’t be ignored like closest friend, boss and girlfriend/boyfriend.


iOS 6 Guided Access is a feature that suits people who have disabilities (hearing, mobility, vision and learning). Students who suffer from autism are much assisted to remain focused in reading and other tasks. The iOS 6 device is limited to one application (Home button is just disabled) and other areas of the screen restricted. For the blind, there is revolutionary reader (VoiceOver) that has AssistiveTouch and Maps.


iPod touch and iPhone panorama feature is amazing. It allows the capture of moving objects. It can shoot up to 240 degrees from a simple motion producing high-definition panorama.


Browsing has been made better with iOS 6. iCloud stores the pages opened eliminating the need to reopen them. This makes browsing convenient and a most exciting thing to do. The cost of connecting to the internet is also reduced because pages required are opened, saved by iCloud and the internet disconnected. Photos can also be taken without leaving safari and posted in sites such eBay and other similar sites.


Its interface is streamlined for easier writing and reading. VIP list can be set up. This is a list of messages from important people. The mailboxes can be refreshed by swiping down.

Lost Phone

iOS 6 has LostMode making it easier to locate. The lost phone can be protected with a four-digit password that automatically locks the phone and send a message that carries a person’s contact address. This enables a Good Samaritan to trace the owner of the phone. This iOS 6 feature would be of great help to many people.

Free iOS 6 is now available for download.

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