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Nicki Minaj Booty Before and After Plastic Surgery, Bum and Breast Implants


Nicki Minaj undoubtedly has a famous booty. It’s big and loves to show it off. But how did she get it? Nicki Minaj’s bum is FAKE, yeah, she had plastic surgery.


Before surgery, Nicki Minaj had a small booty. You could probably pity her coz of the size of her buttocks. But not anymore more! What’s the purpose of plastic surgeons anyway. They are making a living by working on booties, boobs and faces of women who aren’t blessed with them.

Nicki Minaj didn’t suffer from polio before fleeing to America with her mum to escape her abusive and alcoholic father. No. She was just born that way (She ought to listen to Lady GaGa’s song, Born This Way). But she could not succeed in Hip Hop industry if she continued to have a fist size booty. Nicki had to seek the services of a plastic surgeon who remains anonymous. We have to say he did a great job! Before surgery, she obviously lacked confidence and must have hated herself.


Nicki Minaj was unfortunately not blessed with a big a$$, face and bust. When she was still an upcoming singer and met Lil Wayne, the secret to success was going plastic. She had to start with her face, seriously,  she was looking aweful. She looks like she has been stung by bees while stealing honey in one of the forests in Trinidad and Tobago.


Comparing the pictures before and after surgery, Nicki Minaj is light skin nowadays. It’s not makeup that’s making her to be almost a white girl, it’s surgery she did.

We all know that Nicki has been flaunting her boobs on Twitter and Instagram. How many women past 30 who would do the same? Cup size 34 D, very big yet her bust was flat before the surgery. Coz Nicki knows that she spent money on her titties, she has to get attention by flashing them. Mmmh she has breast implants.


If there is an area that needed work done, then it is her bum. Its not REAL but was expensive to make them plastic. For celebrities, it can cost more than $10,000. It’s weird but her body is part of her business. Have you realized that her thighs are thin? They ain’t proportion to her booty.

After plastic surgery, Nicki Minaj has become a big booty artist. Her songs sell because guys wanna checkout her booty. Yeah, many people attend her shows for obvious reason, they want to see Nicki Minaj twerk. Anaconda video became an internet hit coz of her hips. All we know, she is having a gigantic booty after surgery.

Nicki Minaj with her a$$ puts Katy Perry to shame, maybe she can challenge Coco. But the fact remains, she had fat injection.


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