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Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery: Big But Fake Booty and Boobs


Is Kim Kardashian’s booty real? It’s fake, plastic. She seeked the services of a surgeon who injected fat into it. See Kim Kardashian before and after surgery.


Life is funny at times. Women who have natural booties do not flaunt them but those with fake buttocks are showing them everywhere and Kim Kardashian is no different. Who hasn’t seen her bottom?

Kim is white, that’s a fact. And very few white women have big hips. Kris Jenner doesn’t have a big a$$, so, having a big booty is not in her genes. Kim was born with a flat a$$ like that of Katy Perry but somehow knew when she was growing up that having a big one is a plus. Her mummy Kris was a model, so, she was exposed to Hollywood life when she was a toddler. She was innocent then but ambitious.


We know Kim likes to show off her cleavage. Yeah, she has big tatas. Are they natural? No. We wonder, how she was feeling when North West was suckling her plastic mammary glands. They could be producing more milk than natural ones. What we know is that it cost a fortune to have them. She must paid more than $7,000.

Kim can achieve anything in life. To her, nothing is impossible even if she has to have sex with the Pope. Luckily for the Pope, he is not black. Kim loves black men. Kanye is black, Ray J is black, Damon Thomas is black… her marriage to white boy, Kris Humphries could only last 72 days. To attract black men, Kim Kardashian knew that she must have big boobs. And the only way she could have them is through plastic surgery. Kim has breast implants.


There is a story that Kanye West kissed Kim Kardashian on the lips during their wedding and where else? Shockingly and we can only imagine this coz it was not captured on camera, Kanye kissed her booty cheeks. I heard this story while I was eating pork, and from that thought, it must have changed into chicken in my stomach. That’s also a thought.

Kim Kardashian’s derrière is famous, why? She is pretty, has a big bust and a plastic surgeon did a good job on her a$$. She can challenge Nicki Minaj. Seriously, she can definitely beat her when it comes to dressing it, can strike a good pose, and with such a booty, we are sure she doesn’t fart.


We hear Lady GaGa is a lesbian (maybe bisexual) and like a big a$$. Kim needs to watch out.


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